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Contact Sage Pro™ is the functions and cost leader in mid-level contact relationship management (CRM) software designed specifically for the Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent. Our software was designed with your needs as a financial product sales professional in mind. Contact Sage Pro™ is simple, affordable, powerful and flexible.

Contact Sage Pro™ will help your financial advising and/or insurance office by offering greater insight into client and lead management through easy centralization of your client records including their policies and investments, automation of drip marketing campaigns and programs, organization of client appointments, notes, and remarks, and the ability to seach and report on any piece of client data including demographics, products, and customizable user fields for contact and product information.

Contact Sage Pro™ is the only software you will ever need to manage your practice or office, because it comes complete with all of the functionality you need.

Unlike our competitors, our software doesn't have modules. Everything is included with your purchase. Below is a sample list of just some of the features:

  • stores contact and demographic information with multiple addresses and emails
  • stores family member information including birthdates and comments
  • stores unlimited insurance policies and investments for each contact
  • links investments to policies for variable life/annuity products
  • stores and opens unlimited URL and File Links for contacts in the system (file links let you link tax returns, reports, letters, etc. and open them from within the system)
  • stores 80 searchable user defined fields for each contact type (20 text/20 date/20 number/20 checkbox) (there can be 80 fields for individuals and 80 different fields for business contact types)
  • stores 24 searchable user defined fields for each insurance and investment type (6 text/6 date/6 number/6 checkbox) (24 fields for stocks and 24 different fields for mutual funds)
  • allows pending status choices for policies and investments that let you search pending business, business in underwriting, etc.
  • displays daily activities with today's birthdays, appointments, and to do list
  • supports manual and automatic mass update of investment information
  • lets you set up links and relationships between contacts (lets you link family/coworkers/etc.)
  • stores unlimited notes and remarks for each contact
  • lets you set up unlimited producers and partition the system by producer
  • lets you set up appointments and to do list items and review them through a monthly calendar interface
  • displays appointments and to do items as they come due in pop-up windows
  • tracks time spent on clients for fee based professionals with built in timers
  • tracks expenses and mileage
  • includes drip marketing system to set up activity tracks and put contacts onto tracks (automatically schedule activities)
  • finds contacts through any combination of information in the system (contact/policy/investment/note/remark/appointment/user fields)
  • automatically creates emails for contacts
  • automatically fills contact information into Microsoft Word Form Letters
  • prints completely customizable contact, commission, and premium reports
  • automatically backs up database daily/weekly
  • has password protection and networking out of the box
  • synchronizes all system data with your Laptop and PDA (Pocket PC module included)
  • plus much, much more!!!

To show you the value of our software, we have put together comparison charts that compare Contact Sage Pro™ to other leading CRM systems that financial advisors and insurance agents use. To view the chart, click here.

Contact Sage Pro™ makes you more productive and more efficient, leading to higher sales and more income.

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